How TransPDF works

Translating PDFs used to mean stripping text and formatting from a PDF, recreating the layout imperfectly in a separate editor, and spending hours trying to ensure everything looks right.

TransPDF is a 4-step process producing translated PDFs of the highest quality while streamlining your workflow:

  • 1

    Upload the original

    Upload your original PDF – TransPDF will extract the content from any number of pages and instantly convert it to XLIFF

  • 2

    Translate the XLIFF

    Your existing tools (SDL Trados Studio, MemoQ, Memsource, DejaVu or others) understand XLIFF allowing for fast, reliable translation

  • 3

    Upload the translation

    Upload your translated text and TransPDF will provide a clear preview retaining your original formatting and flagging up any font issues created during translation

  • 4

    Download your final PDF

    Download your final PDF document, which can then be polished using any PDF editor. We recommend using Infix 7 not just because it's free for TransPDF users but because it offers additional font-checking for translated PDFs.

PDF translation for the 21st Century

Document authors and translators can now translate the largest, most complex PDFs in minutes.

No Software Required

The conversion from PDF to XLIFF is handled by our servers, meaning there’s no additional software, no updates and no maintenance fees. All you need is a web browser and your PDF.

Use your own translation tools

TransPDF works alongside your own translation tools (SDL Trados Studio, MemoQ, Memsource, TransitNXT, etc). Your tools handle the translation, it handles the PDF formatting and conversion.

No on-going fees

You only pay for TransPDF when you download your final, finished PDF. You won’t pay a monthly fee, and your first 25 pages are absolutely free.

As a TransPDF user, any clean-up required of your translated PDF is free-of-charge when you use Infix PDF Editor 7.

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The Future of PDF Translation is Here

TransPDF was designed with translators in mind. You can still use your tried and trusted CAT tools, but you don’t need to rebuild your PDFs by hand.

There’s no need to convert your work to a plain-text or Microsoft Word format, and you aren’t forced to create a new PDF from scratch, having lost your initial colours, fonts and layout.

TransPDF does the hard work, streamlining your workflow and leaving you with only a small amount of tidying and editing which can be done free-of-charge using Infix 7.

A process that used to take hours can now be accomplished in minutes.

Share Your PDF Quickly and Easily

TransPDF lets you share your PDF with a number of translators, allowing you to translate the original into a range of languages at the same time. Each translator can upload the new text and access previews, but only you can generate the final, fully-translated PDFs.

TransPDF makes it simple to make PDF your format of choice, retaining corporate colour schemes and locking in spot-colours, layouts and fonts to ensure a coherent brand identity.

  • Translate your PDF into a range of languages at the same time
  • Share each target language with a specific expert translator
  • Monitor the progress of the project at every stage
  • Download previews of any translations whenever you need to
  • Upload corporate fonts, ensuring coherent branding

TransPDF in Action

TransPDF is simple, reliable and works on any browser. The standard PDFs created can be used by any PDF software, and the simple interface can be mastered in minutes.

List of your PDFs

Uploading a PDF

Reviewing font problems

Fixing a font problem

Side-by-side PDF preview

Buying the final PDF

Translating XLIFF in MemoQ

100MB Storage for PDFs and fonts

Made for Authors & Translators

Concentrate on the words instead of the code, as TransPDF generates XLIFF documents free of most in-line tags

Clean XML

In-line formatting tags are kept to a minimum in the XLIFF we generate leaving you to concentrate on the words rather than the frustration of tag soup.

PDF Previews

Side-by-side previews let you compare each newly translated PDF with the original, whilst watermarks let you safely share previews with clients

Smart Reflow

TransPDF automatically reflows text to ensure that translated materials fit into the existing space, regardless of the languages you choose


Streamlined, efficient and reliable, TransPDF’s features are designed to help translators do what they do best, quickly and efficiently:

Fastest and accurate

TransPDF handles text-reflow, style changes and font, meaning you don’t waste time with HTML and XML.

Say Yes to PDF Jobs

Time-consuming jobs are made simple, allowing you to tackle even large and complex PDF jobs in no time at all

Choose Your Translation Tools

TransPDF works alongside your preferred tools (SDL Trados Studio, Memsource etc.), so you don’t need to learn how to use new, unfamiliar software

Tackle Even the Largest PDFs

One page or 10,000 – it’s all the same to TransPDF! We’ll support an unlimited number of pages with ease.

Clever reflow

Behind-the-scenes intelligence takes care of the hard work in flowing and fitting translated text

No software required

All you need to start using TransPDF is a browser and a PDF. Nothing more.

PDF Previews

Keep clients and teams updated by showing your progress with side-by-side previews of original and translated documents

Auto Font Check

Quickly check your documents and replace fonts when you need special characters. TransPDF will remember your choices to allow for faster replacement in future

Pay-As-You-Go or FREE

No ongoing fees, no commitments, and no hidden charges. Simply pay for the pages you need – and the first 25 are free.
There is no charge at all for users of Infix PDF Editor 7!

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What Does It Cost?

No on-going fees. No commitments.
Free for licensed users of Infix PDF Editor 7.

Don't use Infix PDF Editor 7? Just pay-as-you-go when you get a PDF translation job.
Purchase credits on-line and keep them for as long as you need - credits never expire.

Convert your PDFs to XLIFF FREE
Upload your translations FREE
Download translated Preview PDFs FREE
Download final translated PDFs to give to clients 50¢ per page

To get you started, we give you 25 free credits when you sign-up. That's 50 translated PDF pages free of charge.

Need to Know More?

If you still have questions, we have answers. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, check our FAQ.

What does it cost ?

The service is completely free-of-charge if you have a valid license for Infix PDF Editor 7. Otherwise...

You can upload, translate and download PDF previews of your translations free-of-charge, forever.

Final versions of your translations for handing off to a client are free for your first 25 pages. After that you will need to purchase page credits in order to download further pages.

Page credits cost 50¢ per page and come in bundles starting at €20. They never expire and can be topped-up at any time.

Is there a public API available?

Yes. There is a fully documented API you can use to integrate smart PDF translation into your own applications for free.

The API package consists of a Python demo showing how to access all of the features such as uploading PDFs and exporting XLIFF. The underlying technology is HTTP-based so you don't need to use Python if you don't want to.

What is XLIFF ?

XLIFF is an industry standard XML-based format for translating all kinds of documents and is supported natively by leading tools such as SDL Trados Studio, MemoQ, Memsource, Fluency, TransitNXT and others.

Can anyone else see my PDFs ?

When you upload a PDF it is visible to you and only those whom you choose to share it with. Access to is all done via https (secure web access) which means your passwords and data are encrypted during transit.

Can it handle right-to-left text such as Arabic?

Not yet, unfortunately. TransPDF can only handle languages written left-to-right. Some vertical text is also supported. This means the system is currently not suitable for Arabic, Hebrew etc.

Ready to Translate Your First PDF?

Registration takes seconds. Simply provide a username and password, and you’re ready to begin.

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