trans_pdf.download_xliff2( dest_folder=None )

Downloads the XLIFF extracted from the PDF just uploaded. The XLIFF will contain all the original text in the document plus any translations that may already have been uploaded. The unique ID of the original PDF is embedded in the XLIFF.

From 1st May 2018 a 1-credit per PDF charge will be levied for the initial generation of XLIFF. Subsequent downloads are free of charge. If the user does not have enough credits to pay the charge, the function will raise an exception.


Destination folder for the downloaded XLIFF. If not supplied, the file is written to the current working directory.


The pathname to the XLIFF just downloaded.
Raises NoCurrentPDF is you have not yet uploaded a PDF during the current session.

After 1st May 2018

 - Raises DownloadFailed if the user does not have at least 1 credit to pay for the XLIFF.