trans_pdf.download_pdf2 ( dest_folder=None, final=False )

Download either a preview of the translation or the finished PDF. When downloading the preview, a watermark is applied to the PDF and the PDF is encrypted so that it cannot be edited in any way.

When downloading the final version of the PDF, the user's credit balance will be reduced by the cost of the PDF.


Destination folder for the downloaded PDF. If not supplied, the file is written to the current working directory.


If False (the default, if not supplied) a PDF preview is generated. This will be uneditable and watermarked but is suitable for sending to clients as a proof-of-concept.

If True, the final version of the translated PDF is produced. This has no watermark or encryption and is suitable for editing in a PDF editor if needed to remedy any formatting issues. The user's credit balance will be adjusted to reflect the purchase. You can determine the cost in advance by calling get_final_cost.


The name of the PDF file just downloaded. An exception is raised if the user requests a 'final' version but does not have enough credits for the purchase.