Logging-in / Starting a Session

TransPDF( root_url, username, password,  api_key, cat_tool="" )


The URL of the TransPDF website, https://transpdf.iceni.com


This is supplied by your user and is the username they used during registration on transpdf.com. The username is typically an email address.


This is supplied by your user and is the password used during registration on transpdf.com. Passwords are case dependent.


This is a unique key assigned to your company so the system can identify you. The keys are free and you can request multiple keys if need be. Contact us at support@iceni.com to request a key.


Optional. If you do not know the API key, perhaps because your users can connect to many different TransPDF servers, supply the name of your CAT tool instead. Provided it is a known tool and at least one api key has been created for it, the login should succeed.


On success returns a TransPDF object, otherwise an exception is raised. This can then be used for all further interactions with the system. Throughout this documentation, it is assumed there exists a TransPDF object called transpdf.

Logging-out / Finishing a session

transpdf.logout( )