Supported Languages Catalogue

URL: /segments/get_languages/
Post Data: session_id, auto_trans


All calls available in version 2 of the API that require language codes now accept them as either in index or as text such as 'en-us'. If a text-based language identifier is unknown to the system, it will be automatically added.


The unique key returned in the initial login call.


When True, the list of languages is obtained from the 3rd party responsible for performing the translation (Microsoft at the time of writing). This list is shorter than the standard built-in list.


On success, a JSON structure containing all the languages supported by the system. On failure the HTTP status code will be set to something other than 200.

The JSON structure will contain an array of entries with the following fields:


In integer identifying the language code within the system.


A fully formed language,variation code such as 'en-gb', 'en-us' or 'zu'.


The full name of the language e.g. English


The full name of the regional variation. For example, if the lang_code is 'en-hk', then: lang_name = 'English', variation = 'Hong Kong'