trans_pdf.get_doc_list( )

This call provides a summary of all the user's PDFs currently residing on the TransPDF server. Any of the target translations returned by this call may be set as the 'current document' by calling set_target_id with the relevant ID.

See the file in the Python example code for example usage.


A list of document/language dictionary pairs, one for each PDF on the server.

[ { {doc}, language } ]

The {doc} Dictionary

Contains key/value pairs describing the original PDF

  • filename
    the PDF's filename
  • nof_pages
    the number of pages
  • para_count
    the number of paragraphs,
  • word_count
    the number of words
  • timestamp
    the date+time of when the PDF was exported e.g. 2018-08-07T12:51:16.556Z
  • busy
    when 'True' this indicates the PDF is currently being processed. This is usually the case just after uploading.
  • target_list
    a list of target language dictionaries, detailing the translations in progress for this PDF. See target_language


A string describing the original language of the PDF e.g. French (France)

The {target language}  dictionary

A dictionary describing the current state of a target translation:

  • id
    The unique ID of this translation target. This id can be used with set_target_id call.
  • language
    A string describing the translation target language e.g. French (France)
  • timestamp
    The date+time of the last update to the translation e.g. 2018-08-07T12:51:16.556Z
  • busy
    if 'True' this indicates the target is currently being processed. For example, when XLIFF is being processed or a PDF preview being generated.
  • percent_complete
    A dictionary detailing the progress of the translation. See percent_complete

The {percent_complete } dictionary

A dictionary with just 3 keys with string values:

  • Human
    The percentage of paragraph translations from XLIFF/CSV uploads
  • Machine
    The percentage of paragraph translations from the 'Automatic' cloud-translation facility.
  • Random
    The percentage of paragraph translations provided by the 'Random (test translation)' facility.