The following fields are available after a PDF has been uploaded before any processing has been initiated. Your application should examine and act upon these values.


True if the uploaded PDF contains only images (usually indicating it is a scanned document). In this case, the system will perform an OCR process on it when the remote_export2 URL (or trans_pdf.export_pdf2) is called.


The number of pages for which a fee is due. For a normal PDF this will be 0. For scanned PDFs requiring OCR processing, the final PDF fee is payable before processing rather at the end of translation. Your application should inform the user that the final fee is due now and confirm if she wishes to pay and continue.


The number of credits the user has in her account. If the number of credits is less than fee_pages, do not allow the user to continue processing the uploaded PDF. If you do, the system will do nothing with the PDF meaning the user will get no meaningful XLIFF when she tries to download.