Getting Progress

URL: /segments/remote_tas k_status/
Post Data: session_id , task_id


The unique key returned in the initial login call.


The id returned when the task was started by calls such as remote_upload_xliff2. This uniquely identifies the task throughout it's lifetime.


On success, a JSON structure containing progress information.
On failure the HTTP status code will be set to something other than 200.

The JSON structure will contain amongst other things, the following fields:


A brief description of the current phase of the overall task.


A measure of the amount the current task that has been done expressed as an integer percentage in the range 0 - 100


An estimate of the time remaining until the process is complete. This is in human readable form e.g. "5h 3m 22s"

This value is not always included in the JSON data.


True when a process is on-going. False once a process has finished.

Sometimes value can be 100% but the process will not have finished. The only way to determine if a process has finished is when busy=False.


An optional text description. For example remote_upload_xliff2 returns the number of new and updated translations once complete.

After 1st May 2018, if the user doesn't have enough credit to download the XLIFF file, this text will be a description of the problem and should be returned to the user.