trans_pdf.upload_pdf2( pdf_name, source_lang, target_lang )

Uploads a PDF to the system. Does not do any other processing of the PDF. To begin processing of the PDF, call export_pdf2.


The filename of a PDF on the local computer. The PDF must be free of encryption / passwords. If it has a password, this must be removed before uploading it to


Definition of the source language used in the PDF. For example; 'en-us' for English, US region.


Definition of the language used for the translation of the PDF. For example: 'bn-in' for  Bengali (Indian)


An information dictionary containing various values. Your application should examine and act on the fee information contained in this dictionary.

Set's the 'current document' in the class so that all future API calls reference this document.


  • UnknownLanguage
    If either language is not found within the system.
  • EncryptedPDF
    If the PDF is encrypted. The system will not process secure PDFs - they must be unlocked before uploading.