Version 2.8 - October, 2019

  • Added the ability to auto-translate PDF using the new calls upload_pdf3 and auto_trans_pdf
  • Added description of how to obtain a list of supported languages for manual and auto translation
  • Added a new Python example file to demonstrate the use of the new auto-translation facility.

Version 2.7 - August, 2018

Version 2.6 - July, 2018

  • Specific return code 429 (Encrypted PDF) added for HTTP remote_upload
  • New EncryptedPDF exception added to the Python upload_pdf2

Version 2.5

  • After 1st May, 2018 download_xlif2() will raise an exception if the user does not have enough credit to cover the 1-credit per PDF charge for XLIFF generation.
  • New Python and HTTP API calls to manage service announcements.
  • delete_pdf() is deprecated in favour of delete_pdf2() which returns a 2-tuple of (success, msg)

Version 2.4

Addition of side-by-side preview generation.

Version 2.1

Addition of OCR facility. The Upload PDF calls now return information about any fees payable due to OCR requirements. OCR involves a new step when exporting a PDF if using the raw HTTP interface. This step is done for you when using the Python interface.

Version 2

Switch to task-based progress monitoring. Progress can now be monitored in separate threads if needed using the task-ids returned by various calls. This is a robust way of monitoring progress that avoids race conditions and browser time-outs.