Add TransPDF to Your Translation Tools

Including TransPDF in your app gives your users access to high-quality XLIFF import/export from their PDFs. They will be able to acheive the transformation of PDF to translated-PDF faster and with more accuracy than ever before.

The HTTP-based API is free to developers and includes a Python wrapper to make things simpler. If you need additional wrappers, let us know.

Example Code

Download the API example code and Python class by right-clicking the link and choosing 'Save Link As...' or equivalent for your browser.

What Can You Do With The API?

  • Log-in / out
  • Upload PDFs
  • Upload / Download XLIFFs
  • Download preview PDF containing your translations
  • Download a comparison PDF showing original and translated pages side-by-side.
  • Download HTML previews of translated pages
  • Download final, translated PDFs
  • Delete PDFs

In order to use TransPDF from within your app, two things are required:

  • a developer API key - get in touch and we'll generate one for you at no cost
  • a user account - your users will need their own free account on

How Do Payments Work?

After sign-up, users are automatically given some free 'credits' to use with the system.

Prior to 1st May 2018:
Credits are used when downloading a finished, translated PDF at a cost of 1 credit for every edited page in the PDF. The charge is only for final PDFs - previews, XLIFF imports and exports are all free.

After 1st May 2018:
There is a 1 credit charge for the initial conversion of PDF to XLIFF after which XLIFF downloading is free. Generation of the final PDF incurs a 1-credit charge per edited page. The fee for page 1 is waived. Previews and XLIFF imports are all free.

For PDFs that require OCR processing, there is a mandatory 1-credit per page charge. No further charges are applied to PDFs processed in this way. That is, after OCR all final PDF and XLIFF export charges are waived for the PDF.

Users may purchase additional credits by visiting their account page at

Your app doesn't need to track or get involved with the transaction, it all happens between the user and the transpdf server.

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